Pauline Spirit

Paul, Missionary of Jesus
May 29, 2008, 1:58 am
Filed under: books, Scripture

Barnett Paul MissionaryI highly recommend this recent work by Paul Barnett, published this year by Eerdmans. This is the second of a projected three volume series on Christianity “After Jesus.” Barnett demonstrates that Paul was not the “creator” of Christianity, but a faithful missionary who knew a great deal about Jesus’ earthly life and ministry, and continued it in the way he lived his missionary life. Paul did indeed have “the mind of Christ”!

The treatment is not biographical, but it is not a theological work, either. It is an eminently readable kind of chronology of Paul’s thought, as drawn from Acts (accepted as historically reliable in most respects) and the Letters (up to Romans). There is a wonderful appendix on the mind of Paul (“Mind and Spirit: How Paul Made Decisions”). Personally, I’ll be reading this another time very soon, and expect to give it at least one more thorough going through before the Pauline Year ends.

I found several helpful reviews of this title: one at and one from a blogging professor at Grace Theological Seminary.


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